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Our Services

Eye Exams

Exams for both Adults and children. We also do corporate testing as well as low vision assessments and complex eye prescriptions.
Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Specialist contact lens fitting, aftercare and more
Eye Health

Eye health

Assess for Macular degeneration and Cataracts, Diabetic and Glaucoma screening

Our Philosophy

Traditional principles mixed with modern technologies

Traditional glasses, lenses and eye tests with additional services such as online ordering of lenses etc.

An authentic bespoke service offering complete choice for the customer

Not tied to any specific supplier or brand. Therefore, able to offer unlimited choice to the customer.

An educational and relationship led strategy

Focus on explaining the process and results to each individual so they have the knowledge to maintain their eye health wherever they may be.

Up to date

Endeavour to offer a full range of eye solution services and keep up to date with latest industry practice in terms of legality, academia & technology.

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