Dailies Total 1 60 daily disposable lenses (30 lenses each box)

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A daily disposable silicone hydrogel lens which also offers great breathibility and comfort.  Each box contains 30 lenses. Price includes 2 boxes

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This lens is arguably one of the best spherical daily disposable contact lens on the market. With its base curve of 8.5 mm and a diameter of 14.1 mm, it fits most patients’ corneas very well. The lens uniquely features water gradient technology (Lightstream™ Technology). It is composed of a silicone core which is secured between an outer and inner layer of an ultra soft hydrophilic surface which has a water content of over 80%! It also has a DK/T of 156.

What this means is that the lens is extremely breathable, allowing a lot of oxygen to the eye. It is also amazingly comfortable, so much so that Alcon have marketed it with the wording ‘experience the lens that feels like nothing’.

This lens is especially useful for patients who have struggled with contact lens wear comfort in the past or for patients who have dry eyes.


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